Idolator Video of ADAM LAMBERT's Trespassing Interviewposted on 2-20-12. Capture by @GaleChester. idolator: Watch our interview w/ the wonderful @AdamLambert, who talks 'Trespassing' and teases about that alleged Queen collab: Adam Lambert Discusses ‘Trespassing’, Queen & More: The Idolator Interview: It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Adam Lambert, one of the most exciting artists to blast onto the pop scene in the last few years. Adam’s 2009 album, For Your Entertainment, was one of the best debuts from an American Idol alum ever, but it’s his highly personal sophomore LP Trespassing that may finally prove to the masses that the man affectionately known as Glambert could be pop’s newest leading man. It’s been some time since we had a nice long chat with Adam, and we had a lot to catch up on.... Continue reading article with original video at the source: Please visit ADAM LAMBERT's store to pre-order Adam's album 'Trespassing" & get an instant download of his first single from the album, 'Better Than I Know Myself!' Let's help give Adam MASSIVE sales!!! No copyright infringement intended. This video was uploaded to share the love of Adam Lambert with his fans. Join us at the ADAM LAMBERT FAN CLUB on Facebook, where we always share in REAL TIME the latest @adamlambert news, videos, & photos: For more Adam Lambert videos preserved on our Photobucket accounts, visit: (vintage) & (most recent). We've also preserved many radio interviews here: